Thursday, July 17, 2014


If you know me, you would know this.
But for those of you who don't know me so well, I'll tell you.

My favorite type of clothes are dresses for almost any season.
Clothes should be styled a certain way depending on the kind of body type you have, along with your personal taste in fashion.

I have not only heard from others, but think for myself that I look better in dresses rather than pants because of my body shape. Wearing pants or leggings emphasize more on the shape of my thick lower body, but wearing dresses lessen the emphasis and draw less attention to the heaviness of my lower body.

This is just the first one but you will see a lot more dresses being featured on myself rather than pants/leggings.

This was my outfit this past Sunday.
Sunday tends to be the one day out of the week that I dress "up" for church.

This dress is really easy to dress "up" or "down."

Wearing a nude colored wedges or heels like shown above would allow me to dress it "up," while wearing a simple flat sandals in the neutral color zone (i.e., gold/nude) or wearing classic red Toms would allow me to dress it "down."

This dress is a collared, sleeveless dress with an elastic on the waist.
It has buttons on the top portion of the dress, and it has pockets on both sides of the chest area.

It's a nude colored dress with small, colorful flower prints on it.
Not only is this dress perfect for the Summer for its brightness and its sleeveless style, the floral print makes it even more perfect for the Summer.

Because it's not a spaghetti strap, it's easy for people like me to wear it and feel comfortable wearing it.

Although not featured in these photos, this dress also goes well with cardigans.
I tend to match it up with either a navy blue cardigan, a bright blueish cardigan and sometimes even black.

This dress is more versatile than you think, which is a huge plus in pairing it up with different types of cardigans and shoes.

This dress was purchased at a random Korean-owned clothing shop that used to be inside the Vermont Galleria plaza in Koreatown, Los Angeles. That clothing store does not exist anymore, but the lady said this dress is from Korea.

My typical choice of shoes for this dress when dressing it "up" is my nude colored semi-wedge peep-toe sandals from Unlisted.
The yellowish nude color goes well with the nude color of the dress, and the simple look of the semi-wedge sandals help the dress to be eye-catching rather than there being an emphasis on the shoes.
Because of the platform and it being a semi-wedge sandal, it's a lot more comfortable for the feet rather than stiletto heels as well.

I love dresses.
Don't you?

[These photos were taken in the pool area of Tuscany by USC.]

[PHOTOCREDS: Chelsea Pae]

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I haven't seen this girl in like, forever. We used to do choir together, and she was always a pretty girl. The last time I saw her was probably anywhere from a year to two years ago, and it was exciting to finally be able to pick her up and eat a meal with her!

She always dressed in simple, yet feminine clothes. In the year or two that I haven't seen her, she's definitely gotten more lady-like in her choice of clothes. Here's my friend, Sumin Kim. 

She has a small face and long hair. It's always been my dream to have my hair grow almost as long as hers, but I fail every time. 

Sumin and I decided to grab some Jamba Juice before shooting our photos, so we got ourselves Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice. Thanks, Sumin <3 Haha

Top- H&M
Pants- H&M
Shoes- Steve Madden
Purse- Tory Burch

Her black sandal wedges were a good fit for the outfit as it would be for almost any other outfits because of its simple color and simple style.
Those wedges would look good in a skirt of almost any color and style, and perfect for the summer because they're open-toed and they have simple cut-outs that give a very summer-like feel.

[These photos were taken at The Americana.]

I saved the BEST for LAST. Sumin's amazing model shot. Photographed by me, myself and I! :)

A SHOUTOUT to SUMIN for cooperating with my photographing noobness.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Time All Black.

It's summer time in LA and I'm rolling out in my all-black outfit.
Black isn't an easy color to wear during the Summer, but I decided to feature myself for the first time on this page with an all-black summer time  attire.

[These photos were taken at The Americana.]

The way I dress can get quite diverse, from style to color.
I actually don't dress in all-black very often, but I really like the shirt and I love the sporty leggings that I'm wearing in these pictures.

I'm not a typical model material, and I'm quite big to even model but I wanted to show that I'm trying to embrace myself more and to show that being big doesn't restrict one from wearing nice clothes.

(I don't have photoshop at the moment so I can't even do anything much to my pictures other than filter them with VSCOCAM. Haha)

There's nothing wrong with a girl in love with clothes, fashion, and girly things regardless of their size.
Of course, I'm still self-conscious and will stay self-conscious but I can still look stylish and look good.
It's really about knowing your body type and dressing accordingly.

Undertop- H&M short tank
Top- The Clas-sic tank (bought from a random Korean-owned clothing store)
Bottoms- Calvin Klein (workout pants)
Shoes- VC Signature (bought from Nordstrom Rack)

The cut out detail on the back of the tank is what I liked most.
I've never owned a shirt like that and I was excited to finally own one myself. 

The detail on the pants are the mesh-like portion of the upper calf area.
They give style to this workout pants, and they are definitely one of my go-to pants for comfort and casual outfits.

It's kind of hard to see because of the sun glare, but these cute sandals are VC Signature shoes, which I actually bought for my mom for Mother's Day this year.
I borrow them from time to time and I definitely wanted to add this into my outfit to show the "summer time" shoe choice. I love the bow and I love the pointed front so much.

This is just a photo of my chubby hands to show the accessories I wear.
I actually wear these on a daily basis.
They are my daily accessories, regardless of the kind of outfit that I am wearing.

I will introduce my sunglasses later, but they're a new pair that I got not that long ago from Nordstrom.
They are aviators from Michael Kors, and I love it more and more as I keep wearing them.

It's summer time.
That is all.