Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Burgundy, Gray and Black

It is finally sweater weather! Even though this Summer wasn't an unbearable one, I am just so glad that I can finally pull out my long sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweaters and thicker cardigans.
I've been really enjoying the knit cardigans lately because they are so easy to wear and also easy to take off if it gets a little too warm during the day. This Warm Up Sherpa Lined Cardigan ( is special because the inside of the cardigan has sherpa that keeps you extra warm. 
Sherpa material is a type of material that is supposed to resemble the soft sheepskin and is made out of thick polyester fabric. It's like having fuzzy fur inside that is soft to the touch and warm.

The soft fuzz is not in the sleeves but everywhere else, the body of the cardigan extending to the hoodie area. I paired this cardigan up with a very neutral outfit consisting of black and gray.
I love this gray shirt because it's very soft and it has a very comfortable fit to the body. Also, it asymmetrical on the bottom, making the shirt very fashionable. I already know that it'll be a constant go-to item during this cold season because it's easy to layer with as well.
Shirt - Promesa USA (
Cardigan - Tobi (
Pants - Zara (
Shoes - BP from Nordstrom (
Photocreds:Christine Seol and Rachelle Song
Promesa USA is a wholesale store located in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles, and they are starting an online retail store soon. Show lots of love once they open up, and I'm excited to see more of their cute clothes!
There is a new ice cream place that opened up at the Madang Plaza in Koreatown, Los Angeles called SomiSomi. I finally tried it and I actually liked it. A lot of my friends said that it was overhyped and I can see why they would say that, but I personally really enjoyed my milk tea flavored ice cream with Nutella filling on the bottom of my fishy. I would say, try it at least once. It's worth a try.

Make sure to stay warm because it's very easy to catch a cold in a weather like this.
Make sure you guys go get your flu shots!

Grace Yourself.

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