White With Stars

With Summer slowly coming to an end and my favorite season coming around, I was able to find a couple really cute button up shirts recently. I really like this top, it's just a simple oversized white button up shirt with some stars on it.
This photo came out blurry, but uh well. I kind of really like it.
Shirt - Zara
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Shoe Plus (Korean shoe store)
Watch - Michael Kors
I don't know why I am frowning in this picture.
Photocredit: Rachelle Song
Sae wanted to be a part of Grace Yourself, so here they are. x)
I went to By Chloe for the first time, and tried their smoothie. I was told that they were expensive but I was definitely not expecting it to be $8. Well... $8.18 to be exact. It was good but I'm not sure if I can say that it was worth my $8.
They had these cute chairs at By Chloe, so Julie offered to take some pictures for me.
This reminded me of my previous workplace, when they used to have the egg sac chairs a few years ago.
I just wanted to include these because I just love how my makeup looks in them.
I am hoping to have some sort of pictorial blog post of my current favorite eye look, and testing out photo quality. If you have any ideas or suggestions of how I can successfully bring you guys a pictorial, let me know.
Happy Hump-day!

Grace Yourself.

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