Friday, August 12, 2016

Beauty: Eyelash Glues

I haven't done a post on make up products in a long time, 
and I thought it was a perfect time to do a post on eyelash adhesive glues.
This will be a little bit like a review based on my experiences with them and my thought on them.
(I know it'll be a lot of words which is not like my usual posts, but if you're a makeup fanatic like me, this can be useful information for you.) 

I love makeup, but I have my phases when it comes to applying falsies on a daily basis.
At times, I will feel super motivated to wear falsies everyday and that goes for a while.
Then sometimes I become quite lazy and not wear falsies for a while.
I am currently on the phase of wearing falsies everyday and it's been a daily thing for a few months now, probably ever since school got out for the Summer.

I just wanted to share a little about my thoughts on the lash glues I've tried and to see if you would have any suggestions for me.

When I first started wearing falsies, I used the Revlon's lash glue in white/clear for the longest time, and then moved on to the black one from the same line. I have pretty good memories of the Revlon ones, except that after using it for a while, the glue would actually come out of the casing and make it kind of messy in my makeup bag.

I used The Faceshop's lash glue not in the casing like in the photo above, but in the tube like the Duo one after the Revlon, because I was working at The Faceshop at the time and wanted to give it a try.
It was not bad at all, I used it for quite some time.
The new line of eyelash glue came out from The Faceshop which is the one in the photo, and I do not recommend that product whatsoever. I've only used it a few times because I was so disappointed. It does not have much power, so my lashes do not stay on all day.

I don't have a photo of my favorite one which is from Aritaum, because I ran out so I threw it out and I couldn't get another one. I went to two different stores and they were out of stock at both places. The Aritaum lash glue is in the same type of casing as the Revlon ones but I liked it better because it didn't get messy and it kept my lashes on all day long.

I recently tried Duo for the first time because I couldn't get ahold of my current favorite lash glue from Aritaum. I know that a lot of makeup artists on youtube use Duo and it's all over Sephora and the drug stores, but I have to say that I am quite disappointed. I've been giving it a go for the past couple of weeks and my lashes do not stay on. I would be working and feel like my lash is coming off. And indeed, the inner corner area was falling off and this happened multiple times.
And the way it applies onto the lash strip is also uncomfortable, and when you place the glue filled lash band onto the eyes, the glue moves around the lashes and doesn't hold quick enough for me to not get glue all over my lids. That's fine for me but if I was to recommend a lash glue for a beginner who has not been wearing lashes for long, it would definitely not be the Duo one.

I'm about to go on a trip (I hope to blog all about it when I come back) to Palm Springs with some of my friends. Yes, we're just going to chill out and have fun by the poolside but who knows, maybe I will have a reason to put on some makeup and look pretty for pictures and whatnot. And knowing that it will be 100+ degrees over in Palm Springs, I couldn't trust the Duo lash glue to do the job.
I went to go buy the Revlon one again, because I can definitely trust the Revlon more than the Duo lash glue. 

I know that there are a ton of other eyelash glues out there, and if you have any suggestions (preferably affordable ones), please do let me know!

Grace Yourself.

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