Super Simple Semi-Casual Look

My mom and I went on a spontaneous shopping trip in Torrance last week. We didn't hit very many stores because we were both pretty tired but we picked up two items from Urban Outfitters. The cardigan in this look is something that caught my mom's eyes more. It looked comfortable, simple, and versatile, but I am short so long cardigans typically don't look too great on me.
It is supposed to be an oversized cardigan, but they came out pretty big so we picked out a small.
As you can tell by the pictures, small was still kind of big and we probably could've gotten an extra small, if it was available.
Shirt - Zara
Cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Pants - Zara (diy distressed)
Shoes - Aldo
Clutch - A random Korean shop
The white top is a linen top that is a V-neck with oversized short sleeves.
It is a little shorter on the front compared to the back, so I just wore a white Forever 21 tank top to make sure I'm not flashing anybody.
I purchased the clutch probably more than a year ago, but I didn't carry it around for a while.
I took it with me to Disneyland with the shoulder strap which was really comfortable, but I've recently been enjoying this clutch in my everyday outfits as well.
These shoes are my go-to shoes for when I want to feel a bit of a boost in my height and it works for both semi-casual and semi-formal. I love it.
Just a little derp photo as a bonus.

Calligraphy and handlettering have been pretty popular lately, and as someone who has decent writing and likes being artsy fartsy, I started kind of getting into it. I am still slowly getting adjusted to the strokes and lettering and it's pretty much self-taught process through watching other people do it. I hope to bring you some nice handlettering photos as well, so stay tuned!

Grace Yourself.

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