Oversized Tee & Distressed Jeans

In Downtown Los Angeles, there are some great places to take pictures just on random streets. I have heard of and have seen many people take photos whether it's for fashion blogging purposes or even just to capture some landscape or the artistic feel of the area.

I was at Zinc Cafe&Market this past Saturday, having coffee with two of my sisters after having lunch for their birthdays. After talking so much about just life, we headed out of the place. I've been wanting to really blog about these shoes ever since they became a part of my collection and it was perfect because we naturally went into this photoshoot mode as soon as we came out of the place.
Shirt - random Korean clothing shop
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Aldo
Purse - Rebecca Minkoff
As you can see, my pants are distressed. Yes, there are holes in them. They were just normal black pants and I have featured these pants as normal black pants in some of my previous posts. However, the inside of the thigh area naturally started wearing out. I typically feel very insecure about that, so it would've been my natural instinct to just stop wearing them or throw them out. I felt a little more adventurous than usual this time around so I decided to attempt going for the DIY distressed jeans.

I know you can't see it in detail but they actually turned out kind of nice. My mom and some of my friends asked me if I bought a new pair of pants. I did it while telling myself that it'll be okay to mess them up because I was going to throw them out anyway and I was very happy with the results. Maybe I was born to distress jeans! Haha just kidding. But in all honesty, I really do like how it turned out. Thanks Google!
A secret about my shoes is that my mom and I walked into Aldo because my mom's been looking for some type of shoes that would be comfortable for her flat feet but boost her height at the same time. Yes, I am talking about these exact ones that I am wearing in these pictures. She saw them, tried them on and really liked them but this size was too big for her. I just decided to try them on because they were exactly my size (6.5) and instantly fell in love. For a short girl like me, a boost in height is always a plus and the fact that they weren't going to be painful from a steep shape was just perfect. We tried ordering a smaller size for my mother but these were on clearance for 50% off and they were actually sold out everywhere. These were indeed the very last pair that the store had and the very last 6.5 that was even being offered at a store (No wonder they were on clearance haha).
Just a photo that I posted on Instagram of what we had at Zinc. That Margherita Pizza is delicious. And the coffee? I would want to drink it everyday if it was more easily accessible.
Most of the photos in this post was taken by my lovely friend Sooyoung (the girl in the picture above) and some (including this one) was taken by Sunmin unnie. Thank you to the both of you girls for being my photographer!

And thank you all for stopping by my page.

Happy March & Happy Spring!
Grace Yourself.

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