Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ellebelle Cookies

Happy Hump Day! It is already mid-week, meaning the rest of the week is going to fly by even quicker. I am bringing to you a post that is quite different from all my previous posts and it was necessary because... just look at that. 
How cute are those cookies ?!
I was really sad because I actually broke the 'GRACE URSELF' cookie while I was trying to take a picture of it, but it worked out with the photo above.
Valentine's Day just passed and I didn't have a valentine this year, which is usually the case every year. You may be asking, so why these cookies?
My beloved unnie (older sister figure) that I met when she was still living in LA has been really showing off some talent and her love for cookies, cakes, cake toppers, etc. and I really wanted some for myself. She was actually my valentine a two years ago and this was actually after she had moved back to the East Coast. She flew in to LA for a few days and it happened to be right around Valentine's Day, so we got each other gifts and had a good time.
My photos does not do justice for the cuteness and the perfection of these cookies and I very much intend on ordering my wedding cake from her because her work is just amazing.
She does take orders, and until further update from her, you can DM her on Instagram for inquiries.
Click on the link above to be directed to her Instagram page and shower her with some love!
She can ship them to different states and cities, as she shipped my order to LA for me.
They all came safely in one piece, so I don't think there's a need to worry about that!
Have a great Wednesday and have an amazing week!

Grace Yourself.

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