The Versatile Floral

Before I start off with the details of this outfit right here, I wanted to share an exciting announcement with you all. Well, that's if you haven't seen my Instagram update yet. With the help of a friend by the name of Andrew Wang, I was able to finally get my own domain for Grace Yourself. There will be more(smaller scale) updates coming to the blog soon and I just want to take this chance to also thank you all for keeping up with my posts and showing love! I am happy to be running this blog and I hope I can continue to bring joy to your eyes and maybe even be of help in one way or another. 

Let's get on with this post. I wanted to share with you this amazing floral dress that my mother got for me from Zara. We went to the mall the other day in Glendale and we did not even know that they opened up a Zara at that mall. My mother and I enjoy shopping at Zara as one of our favorite stores and of course, we picked up a few things.

The outer layer of this dress is made from a chiffon material. It is a sheer chiffon that has a black background with floral prints all over the dress in a purple-pink color scheme. Because it is a sheer type of chiffon, you do need to layer it underneath with a slip of some sort but the dress comes with a black slip that is actually connected at the shoulder. If you find it to be uncomfortable because it is attached, you can definitely just cut off the little circle thing inside to detach it and you can wear the slip with other outfits as well.

It's a dress that has bell bottom shaped sleeves which create room for air and I love it because I can cover up my arms without feeling like there's so much heat being trapped. It is more of an A-line dress(which is my favorite type of dress) with drawstrings on waist area that doesn't need to be tightened much and looks good to just keep it loosely tied in a ribbon.

I paired this dress with a simple nude colored crossover heels from Calvin Klein. You can definitely find different colored shoes to go with this and I would imagine a pair of simple black heels would look good as well. I chose a nude crossover sandals because nude colored shoes extend your legs and make your legs look longer and also it doesn't take away from the main point of this outfit, which is the dress rather than the shoes or anything else. The sandal-like crossover design gives a light, summer feel rather than a heavy winter feel.

I absolutely love this dress so much and if outfit repeating was more acceptable than it is, I might even want to wear this dress for every occasion possible. Speaking of occasions, I can see myself or even anyone else wearing this dress and wear it for pretty much any type of occasion (i.e., wedding, date, church, GNO, and even just a casual outing) and you can match the theme of the day/night with the kind of shoes you wear, the accessories you wear or carry, and the kind of hairstyle and makeup you present. This goes to show that this dress is super versatile and I am so excited to own this dress. (Don't judge me if you see me wearing this dress a lot more often than any of my other dresses!)

I am more than excited to not only own this beautiful piece of clothing but to finally own a domain of my own for this blog. Thank you all once again for encouraging me with kind and energizing words, reading and looking at the photos, and giving me feedback. Please continue to do so and I will be back soon with another post! Stay tuned and stay beautiful.

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