Friday, July 17, 2015

Vest It Up

Lately, I've been enjoying the all-black look a lot more than I used to. And to make it look a little less "plain," I threw on a new vest from Banana Republic that my mom and I purchased last month. It's like a trench coat but without sleeves and it's comfortable and fashionable. It's perfect to put on top of an all black outfit like what I'm wearing here. I just threw on a pair of black pants and a simple round-neck short sleeve t-shirt from Zara. To go along with the all black outfit, I threw on my black pointy flats from BP that my mom got for me from Nordstrom.

I've also been loving my hair-do with the Nume curling rod and I actually purchased another one yesterday. My best friend tagged me on an Instagram post yesterday morning, which had a code for the most discount I've ever seen for a Nume curling rod and I couldn't resist. I was too scared that if I gave myself the time to think about it, the deal wouldn't be available anymore by the time I was sure that I wanted another one so I went ahead and just purchased it. I purchased a 32mm one which is a quarter of an inch thicker than the one I've been using and I'm so excited to try it out! If you're interested in purchasing a curling rod, you should definitely look into the Nume products. You can find pretty good deals online if you just search well.

Photocreds: Chelsea Pae

Photocreds: Caroline Kim

The above photo was a candid shot taken by Caroline, who is a beloved sister. I really like the photo so much that I went ahead and posted it not only here but also on my Instagram account. Yay for good and candid photos!

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