Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sparkles and Blues

This sale season at Zara, I picked up several items that I just fell in love with. And if you've been shopping around at Zara during these past few weeks, these clothes may look familiar to you. My entire outfit here is made up of clothing from Zara (with the exception of my bag) and I cannot stress enough how much I love each and every one of them.

These pants were actually brought home by my mother, who paid a visit to Zara before I did. She knew that I have been searching for black pants that I can pretty much wear for any sort of occasion and she found one that was on sale for $25. I actually looked at these a couple months back before they were on sale and they were about $50-60 at the time and I am so glad that I didn't pay the original price for them.
There are zipper details right below the pockets and also on the bottom of the pant legs on the inner side. I love how these are the material that won't wash out to a faded black and how they're so comfortable yet flattering to whatever you pair it with.

These sparkly pointy flats stood out to me from the corner of the store and I picked them up to see that it was exactly my size. I didn't see any others around the entire store and I didn't even know how much they were because there was no tag on them. I took them up to the counter to ask and as soon as the lady said they were $10, I knew I was going to get them without second thought.

You can kind of see it more detailed in one of the photos below but they actually start with silver at the front but then about mid-way through, the color changes to gold. I love how pointy flats bring out the feminine vibe and I love how it's sparkly and stands out. I've been wearing these flats quite a bit ever since I got them. You can tell how happy I am to have found these, right? Haha

This shirt though. It was the most expensive pick but I just couldn't say no to it after trying it on. It is the cutest top that I can wear with not only pants but also with shorts or a skirt and I love everything about it. Yes, the sleeve length is an awkward one but I love that it covers enough and not too much. I love how even though it's a round neck, there's enough room for my neck to not look like it doesn't exist. The material of this top is also perfect for the Summer because it's thin. All in all, I don't think I found anything that was a downside to this top and I absolutely think that it was well worth my $40. I'll definitely be wearing this shirt a lot this Summer.

See you next time!

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