Simple in Denim

It's been a while since I've featured myself on Grace Yourself, and it's also been a while since I took these photos for this outfit but my life has been pretty busy with work and school, leaving me almost no time to spend on my computer. I'm sorry I've been pretty MIA here but just bear with me... this semester is almost over!

 Ever since the purchase, I've been loving the loose fit of the striped denim button-up from UNIQLO and have been absolutely loving the Rebecca Minkoff crossbody purse on any of my outfits. On the days where I don't need to lug around all my study stuff for school, I've been reaching for this crossbody without a second thought because it's small enough without it being too small to carry my absolute necessities(wallet, key, phone, hand mirror, lipstick) and it allows me to not get tired carrying around a purse stuffed with all of my what-ifs. 

I got a hair trim a few days before I shot these photos. Yes, I call it a trim but the lady actually chopped off quite a bit of my hair to try to get rid of the really badly damaged ends. Even though it felt like such a big difference in the hair length, it felt fresh and light after and my hair not only felt silkier but also looked a lot healthier as well.

Shirt - UNIQLO
Pants - H&M
Shoes - BP.
Purse - Rebecca Minkoff

[ Photocreds: Chelsea Pae ]

It is finals season for some of us (including myself) so good luck to us all and let us welcome and embrace the summer very soon!

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