Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Quick Stop at Lush and Sephora

I am finishing up this post in the attempts to procrastinate on some school work. I know it's not the most brilliant thing I've thought of this week but I feel the urge to avoid the work load... so here I go.

Let me start with this face mask that I recently purchased from Lush. I am pretty big on taking care of my skin, as some of you guys know. My mother works in that field of profession, which influenced me a lot on having a lot of interest in the kind of products I use for my skin and the fact that I worked at a cosmetic store for a good year and a half definitely added some more influence.

I was first exposed to Lush through a dear friend Jane Kim, who has been featured in a number of outfit posts throughout my blog. She got me a Mask of Magnaminty for Christmas, which is made of china clay, fresh peppermint, aduki beans, and vanilla. Another version of it also has honey, and it is for dry and/or sensitive skin types. It was such a pleasant experience for me, that I ended up visiting the store myself. After walking around the whole store and looking at and smelling the products, I made up my mind to purchase this mask after trying some on my hand. This is also a deep cleansing face mask, made out of seaweed, honey and rose. I absolutely love it and I've been using it once a week ever since I made the purchase.

They were very generous with their samples as well, which was amazing. They pretty much give you a sample of any product that you want, as long as it's not a solid product and not a face mask. I asked for their "Big" shampoo and their Ocean salt face scrub. I'm not too sure why it's called "Big," and I have yet to try it but I do remember hearing about this product from a friend who has been a customer at Lush for quite some time now. I am excited to try it out!

I have tried the face scrub once so far, and it was definitely not enough for me to see and evaluate whether the product is good and working for me or not. I didn't feel it to be too drying for my face, and I hope it really helps me with the dead skin that tends to form over my face.

I know you guys would be like "NO WAY" but this year is the first year I've stopped by Sephora to claim my birthday gift. My friend Chelsea was talking about how she really wanted them, I decided to take advantage of their kindness and try them out myself. They were the Nars lip liner that looks like a lip crayon and it came in two colors. They're pretty matte, which is usually not my type of lip products. However, I've tried blending them in with different lip products that aren't matte and I found the colors to be quite beautiful. If you're a fan of lip products in general, take advantage of this free gift. It gave me the desire and the boldness to want to wear more bold colors on my lips and I know I'm way overdue for a post on my lip products (I have so many!) but I seriously promise that I will work on that as soon as I am not feeling so stressed from having to juggle work and school at the same time. I'll do them first thing as soon as school is over for the semester, and you'll definitely see these in that post with swatches!

Have a great week everyone!

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