Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feelin' 22.

So I just turned 22 years old the other day. I didn't get to do anything celebratory on the day of my birthday due to school and work but I had a good time with my dearest HEWJ sisters (minus Eunbi for being in Texas for basic training) on Saturday night.

These three are the only pictures with all of us in it because by the time we went to LACMA to take some cute pictures, Hannah(to the right) was knocked out in the car. So the rest of the photos in this post were just me and Jihee making a fool of ourselves with my brand new selfie stick. Thankfully, we went late enough that there were barely anybody there.

Jihee started making such... funny poses? faces? that I just had to put them up here. She thinks she's a thug or something.

Yes, Jihee blinked. But oh-well. I like this picture regardless.

We were trying to get the lights in our pictures but it was so hard to get it in there without making ourselves look weird from the awkward bottom angle.

Because my actual birthday was spent at school and work, my outfit on Saturday night was my birthday outfit. I wore a sleeveless dress that was white with black prints. Even though I can't show you the back(I don't have a picture of it haha), I love the detail on the upper area of the back. Maybe there will come a time in the future where I can introduce that dress to you guys with more details.

I just put on a simple black cardigan that I tend to go for when wearing dresses. I wore cork wedges with white straps, that I've been pretty obsessed about ever since I made the purchase. I got them at Marshalls and jeez, they are super comfortable.

Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday and super duper huge thanks to those who chipped in to get my a Disneyland season pass. It was super unexpected and I feel so blessed to have such caring brothers and sisters! I will be coming back soon with a post dedicated to my Disneyland trip so stay tuned for that! <3

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