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February Makeup Haul & Review

With February having passed by in a swift with less dates on the calendar, I decided to put this post together for some makeup products that I've purchased. With the Lunar New Year's Day being in February, our boss decided to give us a little gift, which consisted of a $20 gift card to our store, The Faceshop along with something else. I was able to obtain another one of those $20 gift card from a coworker that works at Chocolate Chair, because he had no use for it. With the $40, I purchased some things that I have debated upon for a while. Keep reading if you want to read about my reviews on these products.

Let me start with eyeshadows. We sell quite a selection of these single eyeshadows at The Faceshop, and I've always have mixed feelings about these. I also kept choosing not to buy them for the most parts because I already have so many eyeshadows at home from various makeup brands and companies. However, I couldn't pass on these this time around because of the special February promotion we were having, which was BOGO (buy one get one free) for these specific line of eyeshadows ($8 each, so it would be 2 for $8 with the BOGO promotion). I tend to use a couple of different colors/shades of eyeshadows when I do my makeup and I really like blending different colors on my eyelids. However, it does get a little annoying after a while if I'm constantly having to carry around either of my palettes because I do end up having a little bit of fear that I might break them. So then with all the different circumstances, I ended up getting four of these single eyeshadows.

The two above are in the shades Creamy Peach (left) and Teddy Beige (right). I actually fell in love with the Teddy Beige very recently. I love how the color is so nude that it looks as if you're not wearing eyeshadow at all. People may ask, why put it on if it doesn't even show? Here is my answer: wearing eyeshadow on your eyelids prior to applying eyeliner and/or mascara makes a difference in the cleanliness of your makeup. These two colors are nice and I love it more because you can use them as a base color to any other kind of eyeshadows you may apply, or just for a nude eyelid look.

To the left above is the shade Snow White. As you can see, it is a white color with shimmering pearl in it. I had the dilemma of trying to choose between this one and a shade called Amazing Silver, but ended up with this one, mainly because the silver one had more fallouts. It actually looks really nice if you gently pat this white pearl on your eyelids for a day where you want your makeup to stand out a little with the sparkles. I also found it to be a nice shade to add on my eye's inner corners and underneath my eye right by the inner corners for the shiny, bright effect that the color gives to your eye makeup as a whole.

The shade to the right is called Beautiful Orange, and just like its name... it is one beautiful orange. I realized I didn't really have any eyeshadow colors that were a little bit more fun than the usual neutral, brown tones. This one also has a very similar consistency of pearl as the Snow White and I chose this out of all the other ones because Summer is slowly approaching and I thought it'd make an amazing addition to my eyeshadow collection for the upcoming season.

Here are the colors a little more up close.

If you know me well and have spent some time with me towards the end of this past month, you would know that I was getting quite anxious with my eyeliner running out. This is currently my favorite eyeliner at the price of $16 at The Faceshop. However, we haven't had these coming in via inventory for a good month or so, which was frustrating not only to me but also to the other customers that use this product as well. How is it that all other stores in our franchise were sold out of this eyeliner and we weren't getting any in stock? Pretty ridiculous, and there is kind of a behind story to this particular one but I was finally able to restock this in my makeup bag. Because I didn't really have too much choice or the time, I ended up purchasing a Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner from CVS about a week or so before I got this one. All in all, I would have to say... this one is a lot better than the Maybelline one. I would recommend this one to anybody that is looking for a decent brush pen eyeliner in this price range.

Something else I've tried from our shop that I would have to say is one of my favorites is this lip&eye makeup remover from the Rice Water Bright line on the left of the photo above. My absolute favorite remover of all time is from Noevir, but I got to try this out about a year ago and I actually really liked it. They didn't have this one when I ran out of my usual Noevir so I ended up picking up the Green Tea lip&eye remover from TFS, which is another favorite of the customers. However, I have realized that I personally like this one better and I was finally able to obtain this. I would absolutely recommend this one.

To the right of the photo above is three bottles of a Chia Seed cleansing water sample. Although I don't own a full product at home, I've tested this out enough at work to know that I like it and I would like to own one myself. It isn't that cheap though, so I'm not too sure if I would really go out of my way to purchase one since it's not something that I am absolutely in dire need of but if you don't wear much makeup and you're looking for cleansing water, give it a try!

I was gifted by Hanna Jun with a couple of things that were either products that weren't being used or have been received as samples that she didn't need. I didn't get a close up shot of the eyeshadows and blush palette behind the mascara but those are from Clinique, along with the sample sized mascara in the photo above. It is Clinique's Lash Doubling Mascara in black, and I actually quite like the wand. After trying it out a couple times, it seems to me that this mascara is waterproof/smudge-proof. However, I felt like it didn't really do the job of doubling my lashes in volume or length as much as the name made it seem. It was a bit of a disappointment, but I can definitely put it to good use when I wear my false lashes or when I just don't have the space to carry too many full sized makeup.

This mascara above, is another one in sample size. It is Benefit's They're Real! mascara in black. This kind of wand is a little difficult for me to use because I don't have a lot of lashes to begin with. Even though they seem to work on American girls (as I see in photos), I don't think that these are a very good match for Asian girls unless they have lashes that actually seem existent. (Sounds so weird but it's so true and so sad that most Asian girls don't have neither the length or the volume or the curl... *sob*)

Moving on from the couple of the makeup items that I picked up, I finally got this Charcoal & Konjac cleansing puff ($6) to try out. Interestingly, this has been a constant popularity in the year+ that I've been working at The Faceshop, which has always caught my attention. I really enjoyed my experience with the white Konjac sponge, so I knew this one wouldn't disappoint me.

Many people ask me why it is already wet inside the package. And I'm sorry but I don't have a good explanation for that. I just know that it's normal for it to be wet inside its packaging, and if anything... it's a defective product if it is not wet inside that packaging. Odd, I know. I've been using this for a couple days now and I'm loving the way it leaves my skin so smooth. These sponges help with mild exfoliation of the dead skin. You just wet the sponge with water, apply the cleansing foam/soap onto the sponge, and gently rub it on your skin as if you were just washing your face. You would then just wash your face with water until the soap is gone, rinse the puff, and hang it in a dry area to let it dry until your next use. I do definitely recommend that you try it out, if you're looking for some sort of tool to help you exfoliate your face.

Let me end with this one. I have had my eyes on this particular gel mask for a good year or so. I'm a huge fan of mask sheets in general, and even the cheapest ones from TFS ($2) are always a pleasure to use. Hydrogel masks, however, are always more expensive than the cotton mask sheets and that is why I never really had the courage to spend my money on these. This one is either $6 or $7, and I have yet to try it out. I'm excited to see if it's worth the extra dollars. If you want to find out my experience with this mask sheet, you can ask me separately or just comment on this post and I will respond to you separately since I probably won't be doing a separate post just to do a review on this one.

I hope you enjoyed that and I hope you have a great week!

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