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Wonji's Makeup Review

I decided to do a review and comparisons for some make up products that I've used this past couple months because I knew it was long overdue. The biggest thing that kept me from doing one of these or even any other make up posts is because I'm not the greatest at taking photos and especially photos of products. Please bear with me and my photos even though they may not be the best looking photos. (;

Just like the collage above, I will start with some compact looking products.

[SPF 50+/PA+++]

This is the Hera UV Mist Cushion, which has been a huge fad along with the IOPE UV Mist Cushion in the Korean beauty community. Especially during this past Summer, it was really big with different companies coming out with their own form of cushion and being widely sold.

I really wanted to try one of these and I was able to try them out after receiving it from my friend, Eunbi. She received it as a gift but she doesn't really wear face make up and felt that there wasn't really a use for her. So... she gave it to me. *YAY*

This was definitely my go-to product this past summer because of its easy and fast application and because it was one of those things I can carry around and fix my make up on spot.

This product comes in either N21, N23, C21 or C23. N stands for natural and C stands for cover, which should tell you right off the bat that the N products will be less coverage than the C products. The one I had was the N21, which was on the lower coverage side. It worked perfectly for me because I don't like wearing heavy face make up to begin with. I would like to know how much coverage the C products have just to compare but I don't know if that will ever happen.

[SPF 50+/PA+++]

This is a product from where I work --- The Faceshop. It is the same concept but this product comes in only one color. That is what sucks the most because it actually smells really good for a make up product and the coverage is pretty light coverage, which works for me. It may not be that great for those of you who look for medium to full coverage in products, unless you wear this on top of a foundation, bb cream or a cc cream. And because it comes in only one color and it is very light, it wouldn't work unless you were whiter than me or you were about my skin tone but like to put on lighter make up.

I got this a while back but I actually didn't use it much until recently because of its super light color. I started using this again when I realized I was running low on my Hera cushion. I wanted to save the little that I have left for the days when I would actually "need" it so I just wore this when going to work and for not very important days.

I would say that the coverage for this product is slightly less than the Hera cushion, but barely.

This is a powder pact from Enature, which is also a Korean brand. It is not as well known as some of the other make up brands but I actually really like this. It is a pretty light coverage powder pact that works great as the finishing touch of your make up. I usually only use this powder when I wear CC cream, although there is no rule that you should only use it then. The powder not only makes my face matt-looking but it also helps absorb the extra oils that form on my face, especially around my nose.

I'm not sure how many different colors they carry but mine is in the color N23. It does have kind of a yellow undertone, which I like because my face tends to get rosy easily.

This is a pore powder pact from Aritaum. This is one of the newest additions to my make up collection and my make up routine. It's not necessarily needed as much when I wear CC cream + powder pact but it works nicely for me when I wear just a simple cushion like the ones shown above. I've never heard of these pore powders/pore powder pacts until my coworker/dongseng (little sibling) Sarah told me about her wanting a pore powder from Innisfree. I happened to be in San Gabriel recently and saw an Aritaum store there and ended up picking this up with a few other stuff, along with the pore powder for Sarah.

I was quite amazed at the price to begin with because I feel like if this was a product at my work, The Faceshop, it would've been more expensive. The pore (loose) powder that I got for Sarah was only $6 and this pore powder pact that I got for myself was $9. I'm still in the process of trying it out to see if I really like it or not but so far, it's been quite nice. 

This is my first ever Bare Minerals product that I got to try thanks to my beloved Eunice Sun. For those of you who follow me on instagram, you would've seen this a while back. I've been wanting to try out one of their products and Eunice totally surprised me with this. It is the Mineral Veil translucent powder and it feels really nice on your skin as it holds your make up in place. The only thing that I found to be a little uncomfortable is the way I have to apply it --- put some on the cap and use a powder brush to make circles on your face for an even application. There are times when I'll shoot out the door and apply make up in the car and it definitely wouldn't work for me in those cases. It's a light powder that applies lightly and is good for people like me who like to wear light coverage anything.

These are the CC creams that I currently own and all three of them are new with very little usages so far. However, I've gone through an entire bottle of the Nature Republic CC cream and this is my second tube.

[SPF 30/PA++]

I'll start with my favorite --- the Nature Republic CC Cream in the shade "tinted." After trying out Jane's a while back, I got one for myself. I really liked the feel of it on my face and the light coverage that makes it hard for people to tell whether I have make up on or not but I definitely can see that my skin tone has been evened out with it covering up little blemishes like my freckles. Because I used up my entire first bottle, I got myself another one through the help of an ex-coworker who visited Korea. I was more than delighted to have another one of these again. Thanks Diane!

[SPF 30/PA++]

This is the CC cream from Etude House. This was unexpectedly given to me with the rest of the stuff I got from my mom's friend a while back. I made a post about this and a bunch of other products that I will be reviewing on here on my old beauty blog, Timeless Beauty, in a post called "Korean Cosmetics Haul." There's the link for it if you want to check that out. Going back to this product, I have mixed feelings about it. It was definitely nice to be able to try out an Etude House product since it's not one of those that I can find here in the US.

This product comes out as white, then turns to skin color when you start rubbing it in. The feel of the product is kind of matte-ish compared to the other two CC creams and I feel like it has kind of a pinkish undertone rather than the nude/yellow undertone that I like. On top of that, this color seems a little too bright for me in general and having a pinkish undertone definitely doesn't help. Since I have it I will probably end up using it up but it would probably be one of my last choices and I don't think I would get this again.

[SPF 30/PA++]

This CC cream, which is from The Faceshop, has the kind of undertone that I like. This particular tube one comes in 2 colors and this is the darker of the two. The Faceshop products tend to run in the shades 1,2,3/17,21,23, etc depending on what it is. 2 or 21 is the "natural beige" color, which is the one that would fit closest to my skin tone. Rather than this one, the compact looking CC creams are more popular at The Faceshop but I found that one to be a little too thick for me. This one was a better choice for me in my opinion because it is a little bit less heavy but enough coverage for it to look more like make up compared to the Nature Republic one. My friend Eunbi really likes this one and I think this one works nicely for days when things are just a little more special than usual and I want to wear just a little more make up than usual. Once I run out, I may want to get one of these again unless I find something better for a better price.

Aren't these so cute? They are blushers from Etude House. The casing for this is absolutely adorable, and the colors are very nice as well. The one on the left is the coral color that has a bit of pink color to it and the one on the right is a light pink. These aren't super high pigmented, which I really like because when blush is overdone, it doesn't look good. These are both without any pearl, which was a nice addition to my coral blusher from The Faceshop that has pearls in it.

The one on the bottom is the coral blusher from The Faceshop. It has just enough pearl in it to not look like you just have sparkles all over your face but still keep a glow. I love the coral color because it presents such a natural looking cheek glow. My hand always reaches for either of the coral ones rather than the pink... which definitely shows my color preference for my cheeks.

After my senior prom in high school, eyebrows became a very important factor in my make up. That was the first time anybody has ever tweezed my eyebrows (thanks Kristie lol) and for the longest time ever after that, I couldn't help but stare at everyone's eyebrows. Filling in my eyebrows are an important part of my make up and I would most definitely advise you to check your eyebrows and see whether they're in good shape or not.

So after I started working at The Faceshop, we got in these "color my eyebrow" eyebrow mascaras which I decided to give it a try. I actually bought one in a brown color but I ended up dying my hair even lighter after I purchased it, so I had to get myself a blonde-brown one. I've actually been loving it. I would use an eyebrow pencil to first fill in and get the shape before using the mascara to temporarily "dye" my eyebrow hairs. It works nicely with my lightly dyed hair.

When I was at the Aritaum store, I saw their eyebrow mascara and I just had to grab it. The formula looks a little bit darker than the one from The Faceshop but it was the lightest color they carried. What made me get it was the price. The Faceshop eyebrow mascara is $11, while the Aritaum one is $6. Wow. It was such a good deal because it was an entire $5 difference for a product that is barely less in its content. I'm still on the testing out stage of the Aritaum one, and I noticed that I don't even have to try hard to get my eyebrow hairs to turn colors with the Aritaum one. I'm not sure if that's good or bad -- personal preference, I would think. For me, I like it more subtle than not, so I've noticed that if I don't apply it carefully enough, my eyebrows turn out a lot more lighter than wanted, which makes it more obvious that I tried turning my eyebrows to match my hair color.

I absolutely love my Naked Palette and everything but sometimes, these singles ones come to rescue. I picked this up at the Amore store inside Vermont Galleria, and it's from Aritaum. It is sparkly as you can see, and if you don't wear primer, it does create a bit of fall out. When I'm wearing my full on make up though, I don't find the bit of fall out to be that bothersome for me because it ends up getting covered up for the most part by my powder pact.

This is another one from Aritaum that is actually the newest addition to my eyeshadow collection. Mono Eyes and Shine Fix Eyes have been more of a fad lately in the Aritaum line in Korea, and I don't think the stores here in America carry the Shine Fix Eyes collection. This eyeshadow caught my attention and I ended up purchasing it even though I have so many other eyeshadows to use. These were only $5.25 or $5.50 +tax, which was such a good price considering that The Faceshop single eyeshadows are $8+tax a piece.

The texture of this eyeshadow isn't really creamy or anything but when you lightly rub your eyeshadow brush on it, the shiny particles are transferred to the brush. I've figured out after using this product for a while that rather than rubbing it into your eyelids like you would with some other eyeshadows, it looks better and there are less fall out if you just mix up the patting and the rubbing. I also noticed the difference of wearing eyeshadow primer and not wearing it before application of this eyeshadow. There is a noticeable difference in the pigmentation that shows up on the skin.

I've purchased this Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion... I don't even remember when and I feel like it's been in my collection for a long time. Maybe it's because I don't always use an eyeshadow primer but wow, this has been lasting me for a long time.

I've been wanting to try out this Too Faced eyeshadow primer because I noticed that most makeup artists(?) that are popular on youtube always talks about using either this or the urban decay one. I got this small sample size one this past Christmas as a part of a present that my friend Eunbi gave me and now I can tell you what I think I like better between the two.

In terms of color pigmentation, it's hard to say. I don't see much of a difference. The biggest thing I did notice between the two was that the Urban Decay primer potion is more oily than this Too Faced one. Once I'm completely done using both tubes, I think I may buy the Too Faced one in its full size rather than repurchase the Urban Decay one.

MASCARAS. They are so important, as many of you ladies know. As an Asian girl with not very many lash counts to begin with and the length of my lashes being short, I wanted to find a mascara that works for me in multiple ways: smudge-proof, volumizing, and lengthening. I was able to get that Maxx'eye one from The Faceshop through my mom's friend that brought me a bunch of stuff from Korea and I love it. I felt like of all the mascaras that I've tried so far, it helped volumize a little, lengthen my lashes, they were smudge-proof, and they didn't have a strong scent to the formula and it didn't clump my lashes. The only problem was that it costs $28 at the store here and I wasn't going to pay $28 for a then I tried the Full 'N Soft (waterproof) one from Maybelline as Jeanie recommended and I actually really like it! I've always been kind of afraid to use waterproof mascara because I felt like it wouldn't come off very well even with eye make up remover. This was actually easy to remove just like my other mascaras that aren't waterproof and did a really good job of lengthening my lashes. I found it to be not as smudge-proof as it was supposed to be but it's not as bad as some of the other ones I've tried. This one costed me less than $10 and I think I will repurchase this one in the future!

On the other hand, I was quite disappointed with this mascara that came with the Too Faced eyeshadow primer. It definitely did an amazing job of lengthening my lashes, no doubt. However, it was not smudge-proof/waterproof, and it kept smudging on the lower part of my eyes, making it difficult for me to feel safe without looking at a mirror every now and then and having a q-tip always ready to fix it. I will definitely not be buying this mascara...ever.

The kind of eyeliner one uses for their makeup is important and it also depends on what kind of look you like going for. My daily makeup consists of a slight cat-eye look that starts from the middle of my eyes rather than from the inner corner. I wasn't able to take a picture of the brush pen liner that I use for that purpose, but it's a $16 liquid brush liner from The Faceshop. The Noevir brush liner on the very right is one that I use when I go for a thicker eyeliner look for when I wear falsies or for those days when I'm going somewhere special and want to just wear more make up than usual. The one in the middle is a gel type eyeliner in pencil form from The Faceshop, which I actually really enjoy using because of its smooth feeling when applying it to your eyelids. The hardest thing with that is the tail that i like to draw, and I just resolve that problem by using brush liner to run over it and draw my tail. I was able to try a Too Faced eyeliner that came with the rest of the stuff that I reviewed on up there, to find that its consistency was very similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eyeliner except it seemed to slide a lot more meaning a smoother application but it's too smooth, meaning that I cannot control the thickness of my eyeliner very well. I don't think I would ever buy this one either.

Just a bonus is this mask from Lush. It was gifted to me for Christmas from my friend Jane, and it was my first Lush product. I actually really like it and it has become a routine for me to do this at least once a week, if not twice. It has a peppermint scent which was very interesting, but my face feels super fresh after using it and I would definitely consider purchasing one for myself after I am done using it. Thanks, Jane!

I know this was quite a long post, but it is the most legitimate makeup post I've ever done, especially after I merged my beauty blog onto Grace Yourself. I hope this was a good enough review for you to know what to try versus what not to try.

Thanks, and good night!

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