Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day for the year of 2015 is finally here. As people are out there going on dates or preparing to go on dates tonight, I decided to dedicate this post in light of Valentine's Day whether you are taken and busy going on dates or just meeting up with friends throughout the day and enjoying good food and company like myself. 

I hung out with a dear dongseng(younger sibling even if not blood related) of mine named Caroline Kim last week. Yes, she's been featured in my blog before in a post called "Simply Fall" (<-- you can click on the link to check it out). Instead of going out to eat like the usual, we decided to stay home this time and cook for ourselves. Caroline was in charge of the appetizer and the main course, while I was in charge of preparing a salad and getting stuff for our dessert.

I actually have no idea what this is called, but Caroline brought the toppings all prepared from home along with some flat dough. After putting the oven at the heat of 400 to preheat, she cracked an egg open, whipped it to mix the yolk and the white, and spread a layer of it on the pieces of the dough. She then took the toppings that she prepared and put just the right amount on top of it. The topping consisted of onions, cheese, mushroom, apple, and a few other things that I don't remember. She popped it into the oven at the same heat and took it out when it looked like it was cooked.

This smelled delicious and it tasted as delicious as it smelled. I was quite in awe.

She then made the main course -- cream pasta with mushroom, shrimp and spinach. For those of you who know me and my preference of pasta... I absolutely love cream pasta. And I love shrimp. And mushroom. *DROOL* She used some spinach from what I had left over from making the salad and also used cream of mushroom for the sauce, which was heavenly.

As she was making the pasta, I started making our salad. I mixed spinach and chopped romain lettuce, along with croutons, cheese and some mandarins. We topped it with just a little bit of dressing which I actually can't remember what kind of dressing it was...but it was good.

All of that food stuff was delicious and all...but we were definitely more than excited to make our dessert and eat it. And because Valentine's Day was coming up, we decided to make something that is one of the more popular during this season---chocolate covered strawberries! *YUM*

Driscoll strawberries from Ralphs are usually amazing, especially if they're in season.

I found these for buy 1 get 1 free at Ralphs and got both milk chocolate and white chocolate. I'm not the greatest at "baking" or anything of that sort and I actually failed miserably, trying to melt chocolate before in the hot water/pot thing so I always look for these if I need melted chocolate.

WALA~ Here is the finished product. Caroline did most of the work if not all...because I wasn't sure that I can make the strawberries come out this pretty. She brought food coloring which we added to the white chocolate for the pink decoration. I know the visuals of these strawberries are amazing, but they tasted as good and sweet as it looks.

Just a heads up for those of you who will be using those chocolate or any chocolate in general for these delicious strawberries...white chocolate is harder to melt. I have no idea why, but the consistency of the chocolate is different from the milk chocolate so not only does it take longer to melt it, it doesn't look as smooth and pretty when you dip the strawberry in it.

I didn't get to take a picture with Caroline on this day, but here's a picture of me and Caroline's back. I wore my red flannel from Hollister and Caroline wore red lipstick to represent the Valentine's Day theme. I hope you guys have a great day with your loved ones, whether that's family, friends or lovers because it's Valentine's Day.

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