Monday, February 23, 2015

Daiso Obsessions

Daiso has been gaining quite a bit of popularity amongst a large diversity of people recently. For those of you who don't know what Daiso is, it is a Japanese version of "99 cent store" but with majority of their products being $1.50 with a few exceptions. I have actually been in love with some of their stuff, it's kind of crazy. I didn't know about Daiso until they opened one at the Madang plaza, which is where my work is and it didn't come off as an addictive store to look around in until quite recently, when I started finding out about some of their gem items.

My top obsession at Daiso right now are these adorable notebooks. I've always loved cute notebooks and it was such great news to me that I can find decently cute ones for only a dollar fifty. I particularly like notebooks that are like "college ruled" because they just look nicer and less childlike. I also don't write very big to begin with so I end up having more of a heart for the thinner lines.

I actually bought two more notebooks that I wasn't able to photograph because I bought them after I was already writing out this blog. And the funny thing is that I have only used two notebooks out of these so far...which definitely tell me that I'm obsessed with buying these adorable notebooks for just a dollar fifty.

To the left in the top photo is a set of mechanical pencil along with some led to go with it that I bought as I was buying one for a student. I didn't expect much, but it turned out being pretty good. I can be quite particular about the way my mechanical pencils work and this pencil worked quite smoothly. It is currently my go-to pencil.

To the right of the photo above is a cute pen that has different colors. If you go to Korean-owned stores around Ktown that sell stationaries and different pens/pencils, these "all-in-one" kind of pens tend to be quite expensive. I can't remember who but after someone has suggested them, I tried them out. I actually think they're not bad for pens that are only a dollar fifty and it actually comes with a set of two. It is absolutely adorable with the polka dots but using it does remind me of why I always prefer pens that are .5mm or thinner.

Above is a set of pens. And believe it or not, that was also a dollar fifty for the entire set of 10 different colors. What a steal, right? Only if they were .5mm thin I would love them even more and probably carry them with me everywhere I go. However, it is not as thin as I'd like so I actually haven't used them as much as I wanted. I'm quite sure they will come into good use at some moment so I'm still happy about that purchase.

Okay, okay. Now... I really like this set. As you see it in the photo, it comes as a set of five different markers: three black ones, one red and one blue. I ended up getting these because of Sarah, who is a coworker of mine that is also a dongseng(younger sibling even if not blood related). She talked about how she really likes these and she uses them all the time and have been using them for like the longest time. It has a very thin side and then there is the other side which is thicker and actually marker-like. I will definitely repurchase this one in the future.

Here is another set that I ended up getting because of Sarah. She should just be a promoter or some sort of advertising manager for Daiso or something. These are highlighters, and they come in that set. I love the variety of colors and this too, like the markers in the previous photo, have two different ends. There's the side that is actually like a regular highlighter. On the other end, it is like a thinner tip which can be used for multiple purposes. I have actually yet to put them to good use because school just started last week for me but I am more than excited to work with them!

Next up is something that is quite necessary and useful for school along with other personal "projects" and organizing that I do on the side. Staplers are one of those things that come in super handy. Mini staplers that you can carry around when going to school can come in even more useful than ever --- and I ended up purchasing both the super mini one and a decently mini but not too mini one. 
I actually just wanted the red one on the right because that's the stapler that we use at work and I really liked how well it worked. However, I ended up getting both of them because the stapler fill is not the "standard" size that you would find at places like Staples and I needed extra staples for the future. At the time of purchase, however, they ran out of just the fill and the only way to get it was to get one that was paired up with another stapler. I realized that it wouldn't be bad to have a smaller one to just carry around in my pencil case along with a fill for the same price I would pay for just the fill itself. I am more than happy with this purchase. I hope that these staplers last me a long time!

Having worked at The Faceshop for over a year now, I have gotten quite used to using knives to open boxes during inventory. I really wanted a knife to keep at home so that I can use it to open boxes and whatnot, so I was browsing and found this one, which is actually bigger than the ones we use at work. I love the color, and I love how well it works. I also love that it came with an extra blade in case the blade that's already inserted breaks. I know for a fact this will last me years and years, as long as I don't lose it. Even if I do end up losing it or breaking it somehow, I am totally going to get myself another one from Daiso.

I recently purchased two different mirrors from Daiso, and I am really loving them so far. The one on the left is girly, which is totally my taste. I bought that one to leave on my desk at home for when I wear makeup or when I just need to look at my face for whatever the reason may be. I don't know why I didn't think sooner to get one because I don't have any mirrors in my room.

The one on the right is like a hand mirror that I can easily just slip in my purse, backpack, clutch and sometimes even just my pocket to check up on my makeup. I tend to get pretty annoyed at any sort of smudging that may come upon my under eyes from eyeliner or mascara and my phone screen doesn't really do that great of a job showing me that in detail. I had a round hand mirror from Forever 21 in the past but I dropped it and it broke so I threw that one away. It's been quite a while since I owned a hand mirror but I'm pleased with its usefulness.

You can see how obsessed I have become with Daiso. They may continue to suck up money out of me but I hope all that I buy come in handy and not as a waste of my money. If there are any other things you've tried from Daiso and really liked, let me know and maybe I'll try them out in the future!

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