Monday, January 12, 2015

Grace Upon Grace & Asahi

I had the privilege and the honor of attending Oriental Mission Church's Youth Winter Retreat as a part of the guest praise team in 2014. Our praise team was made up of some of our Arise English Ministry's praise team members Rachelle, Andrew and I, along with our past praise team leader Allan. We went up to a retreat site in Big Bear called Alpine Meadows on Sunday (28th) right after our service and came back home on Tuesday (30th). To keep this part short and sweet, it was great serving a bunch of youth kids from OMC and also had a great bonding time with my fellow praise team members.

Selfies are always a woman's best friend, right? Hehe

(Andrew "Awkwardturtle" Kim, Allan Kim)

(Me, and pastor Daniel "Potter" Kim)

On the second/last night, we had the time and the opportunity to do a little self-pampering. Rachelle brought some mask sheets and we decided to do it together because you know, we need to be beautified. And as you can see... Sam thought he was too cool to join us on the beauty time. What a party pooper. Haha we still love you Sam!

It started snowing about an hour before we left the retreat site and it was snowing quite a bit. We went on a picture frenzy because we don't get to see the snow very often. As you can see below, Rachelle and I were so excited to see snow. Not just snow that has fallen already but snow that was falling on us.

And of course, we can't forget a polaroid picture. Although the setting wasn't correctly put, we were more than satisfied with the polaroid picture. And I stole it from Allan...hehe so it is currently displayed on my wall at home!

We also can't forget a group selfie. Don't we look like a bunch of happy kids? Hehe I love us!

On our way back home, we stopped by Sushi Asahi in Corona.

Baked Mussels. So. Delicious. I think on the menu, it is called Green Mussels or something like that. Wow. I am like drooling as I am writing this and seeing these photos.

Eel is known to be good for men..........and their stamina. Why is it so delicious? I'm not  a man and my brother doesn't even like eel. What is wrong with him. Haha
I also undoubtedly love salmon. Salmon reminds me a lot of an unnie(older sister even if not blood related) that is currently living in the east coast named Elle. She was a salmon killer like no other and I absolutely miss her.

Rachelle said this was good so we ordered it. It is called crispy rice, and it has spicy tuna on top. Wow. This was interestingly delicious.

This one was suggested by Andrew and he absolutely loved it. I would probably prefer regular tuna but this white tuna sushi was actually good. The texture of the white tuna was more slimy and it was softer than the regular tuna when chewed on. 

The quail egg shots were more than strongly suggested by our not so dearest Allan Kim. It consisted of soy sauce, raw quail egg, sesame oil and I think it had Korean style pepper flakes but I'm not a hundred percent sure about that last part. It sounded so disgusting but I guess it was manageable. It was definitely an interesting experience. I probably would've hit Allan if it was actually really nasty. But overall, I think I ended 2014 on a great note with great memories -- great people and great food. 

I hope you guys had a great 2014 and I hope 2015 will be even greater for both you and me!

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