Friday, November 14, 2014

Show Me the Hat: Karen Park

As the Fall season has been slowly making its way into Los Angeles, I spotted Karen wearing a nice black hat (Irene's Story). Hats, beanies, and scarves are finding their way into the outfits fitting to this season and it was nice to see this particular hat in the midst of the typical kinds of hat wear that most people go for.

Her entire outfit for this day consisted of two colors: black and gray.
A gray long-sleeve top which is oversized is actually Rachel's, so she wasn't sure where it's from. 
Everything else in her outfit was black as you can see.

Having become a little more comfortable at posing for these photos, she has found herself comfortably posing and making faces throughout the photoshoot.

She picked up these cute pair of black sandals from Ebay, which is versatile in so many ways. Although they aren't really shoes for the Winter, you can pull them off for the beginning to mid Fall season and because they are black, you can match them with almost any kind of outfits whether they be pants just like Karen or skirts and dresses.
I also love the height because it gives you enough boost to feel like you got what you need, but it isn't overbearingly too tall that you would fall flat on your face.

The folded sleeves and the open-toed sandals that show much skin on the feet was a nice combination because the outfit became balanced through allowing skin to show in various places. That much skin showing isn't provocative at all, and it creates a classy look without looking like you tucked away all of your flesh possible underneath clothes.

What does your typical fall outfit and fall smile look like?

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