Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Special: Suzie Lee

In celebration of the traditional trick-or-treat holiday, I have to put this post together featuring a dear friend of mine that decided to be a cheetah.

She was inspired by a famous youtube star that does tutorials of different looks that are more than just pretty looking make up and settled on giving the look a try. 

I was actually quite amazed at how well this turned out, especially because I knew that she didn't use any body paint for this look although the youtube star did. Although I won't be walking you through a "tutorial" of how this look was done, I will list the make up items that she used in making this beautiful piece of art on her face.

Tank top - H&M
Jacket - leather jacket from Miss Me
Shorts - American Eagle
Shoes - Pierre Cardin
Cheetah ears - Daiso

[I wanted a ćelfie with the cheetah.]

It's very important that you do a good job of washing your face well and going through the basic steps of skin care routine (i.e., toner, essence/serum, lotion/moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.) before you actually start your make up. And depending on the kind of make up you use on a daily basis, you can use either foundation, BB cream, or CC cream to put on as the first layer of make up. A tinted moisturizer can do the job as well, although it will not be giving you much coverage.

After you have applied the first step of make up, use a powder pact to make your face look not so oily and kind of make it look a little matte. (Not all of these things are shown in the photo above.) Suzie used a powder pact from The Faceshop (FI Radiance Powder Pact) in the color NB23. NB stands for neutral base, and the number 23 is the most natural skin tone in Korean cosmetic products.

Eyebrows - "Design My Eyebrow" in Blackbrown from The Faceshop
Lip color - "Over Girl Lip Crayon" in BE01 from The Faceshop
Eyeshadow - Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palette #30 "Hushed Tints," The Faceshop LM You&Eyes #5 Sand Brown, The Faceshop LM You&Eyes #11 Wonder Gold
Make up brushes - Eco Tools (drugstore brand)
Spots, nose and above upper lip - cheap eyeliner from Daiso
Falsies - Daiso

For parts of her muzzle/jowl, she used the eyebrow pencil and just used her finger(s) to blend it. She used Elf tone correcting concealer and one of the colors from the Maybelline eyeshadow palette to highlight throughout her face. 

If you watch the youtube video that inspired Suzie, she uses a yellow body paint to kind of shade around her face before she starts darkening and highlighting and for this, Suzie actually picked up a cheap $1.50 lipstick from Daiso which worked quite well.

Suzie wanted me to emphasize that this look was done with products that are used as everyday make up items, and also with some really cheap drugstore make up products. Body paint was not used whatsoever, and the colors involved in this look wasn't crazy, meaning these are make up items that you can keep using for just an everyday look.

I hope you really enjoyed this Halloween special!

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