The Cold is Coming: Jane Kim

Here is the favorite model of Grace Yourself, modeling a nice fall outfit.
It's that awkward time when it's not really cold but it's not really hot.

Shirt - Forever 21
Shorts - Forever 21
Belt - H&M
Socks - from her aunt
Shoes - boots from Steve Madden

The color and the shape of her shorts for some reason reminds me of pumpkins, which is actually quite fitting to the fall season, with Halloween around the corner and then Thanksgiving Day.
It would've been easily thought that the best option would've been to wear a plain top but Jane chose to wear a striped shirt, which actually suited very well. I also thought she was very sensible in the way that she wore a brownish-orange belt, which is in a similar color family as that of her shorts.

Color scheme of an outfit is important. You can easily look tacky if you don't match up colors well.
To match her black stripes on her upper body, she wore long black socks. The rest of her outfit just fell together well in one piece under the neutral tone.

I actually really liked her boots --- I love boots in general. It's hard to find myself boots that fit me well and actually look good or decent on me and it makes me jealous a little but at the same time happy to see someone wearing their boots in a fashionable way.
The brown color of her boots was a good match to the continuous neutral tone of her outfit.
Not only was it a good match to her outfit... it's the kind of boots in both style and color that would look good in almost any type of outfit (i.e., leggings with an oversized crewneck/sweater or even just skinny jeans and a shirt).

[A special featuring of my own younger brother, Il Han Daniel Lee, and his boot fashion.]

I hope this was an inspiring outfit for the Fall season!
Pull out your best outfits for this season or treat yourself to some nice outfits for this Fall.

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