Thursday, October 2, 2014


I recruited this lady for her outfit a while back, so this is kind of a delayed post.
Sera is probably the tallest model I've had on my blog, or at least one of the tallest ones.
I definitely want to give her a shout out for allowing me to have her as a model even if she wasn't "photo ready"/"made up." She is still beautiful, and has an amazing smile!

Top - Zara
Shorts - Forever 21
Shoes - Justfab
Bag - from Korea

I loved her choice of jean shorts that had the rips on both sides, paired up with a black blouse and black shoes. I loved how the blouse was a long-sleeve with slits --- it added personality and feel to the plain, black blouse.

Another thing other than the arm slits that were interesting about this blouse was the back slit. Most blouses tend to have a round back portion, but this added another flavor to the plain black blouse, along with the addition of the silver lining the back and the wrists.

Instead of carrying a black purse to go with the blackness of her blouse and shoes, she picked up a neutral color purse. Black wouldn't have looked bad either, but she did a good job in picking out something that looks good with almost anything. It's definitely a nice way to slowly end the summer.

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