Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fashion&Food Fusion

I have given myself a chance to do something new and different, which has also raised up a question in my own head whether I want to fuse my two blogs together and open the floor up to topics other than just fashion or to keep them as is. We'll see how things go, and maybe I will make an official announcement on my decision.

This is the first post that is a "Fashion & Food Fusion," featuring myself and a restaurant by the name of "Tofu and Noodles." I've come here to eat several times ever since this place opened up, and it's always been a good experience. I wanted to share with you some of the foods that I had on my most recent visit, and also inform you of an event they will be having very soon!

Just like the name of the restaurant, they specialize in noodles. Their menu consists of different types of noodles that Korean people enjoy, called "kal-gook-soo." I'm a huge sucker for Korean food and carbs like rice, noodles and bread, and I would have to say that this place has pretty darn good noodles. I randomly chose a table but how did I know, it was my favorite number. 

I was able to try their new menu "Spicy Mushroom Noodles." It was the first dish that we ordered.

Although the name of it says "spicy," I found it to be not that spicy. I like some spicy foods but I'm not always good with spicy foods and this dish was actually perfect to my tastebuds. Non-Koreans may find it to be just a little spicy but it definitely is a manageable level of spiciness.

Besides the noodles and the soup, there were some delicious mushrooms in there. I absolutely love mushrooms, and almost all kinds of mushrooms. There were two kinds of mushrooms in here, but unfortunately, I have no idea what they are called. There was also chunks of meat (beef), and some other vegetables like squash and onions.

We also ordered a plate of spicy rice cake, "ddukbokkee," and Korean style sushi, "kimbap," which looks like an inside out California roll. Many of my friends know this, but ddukbokkee is one of my most favorite dishes ever. I can eat it couple times in a week and be fine. There are a few places that I do go for ddukbokkee, and now I added another place to my list. It was my first time having ddukbokkee here even in the midst of my previous visits, and I was quite impressed by the chewiness of the rice cake and the flavorful spicy sauce. 
The kimbap is also impressive here. I'm not the type to order kimbap when I go to a restaurant because I know that not all places are good at making them. This was the second time ordering kimbap, and I love how fresh it tastes. You can tell that they made it right when we ordered it, instead of it sitting around from being already made. One thing that is kind of a bummer is that they only have one kind of kimbap. It's forgivable though, because it tastes good.

One thing great about Korean restaurants is their share of side dishes. Some places have pretty nasty ones, but this restaurant's side dishes were quite delicious. I really liked all of the ones that were served to us, but one thing that was exceptionally good that we had to ask seconds for was the Korean pancakes, which are called "boochimgae."

It was warm because it was just made. Some restaurants have it made already, which makes them serve it kind of cold. It was a huge plus. Their boochimgae was a very simple one with green onions in them, and it was so thinly made that the batter didn't taste too much like flour.

Some other dishes that I've had here before include their "uhl-keun-ee" noodles that they had an event for before, and also their clam chopped noodles. I've also had this dish that has steamed kimchi and pork, and a few other that I can't recall. 

From the 10th to the 12th of this month, they are having a special Fall event for their new menu "Spicy Mushroom Noodles" along with some other incentives and bonus specials! 
They are located at 3068 W 8th St, Los Angeles, California 90005, which is right on the cross-streets of 8th street and Berendo. Here's the Facebook event for it, so check it out and get yourself grubbing on some delicious noodles! FB event link <- here's the link!

To continue with the post, I also got some snaps of my outfit from this day.

I put on a pair of dark blue jeans from Hollister, a white short-sleeve tee from Forever 21, an army green sleeveless vest from a random Korean shop, flats from Ideel, and my new clutch from a Korean cart/shop in the Madang plaza that I work at. It is definitely the first time that I am featuring my new clutch and the sort of new vest, which is exciting.

What I love about this vest is the uneven collars and its pockets. I do sort of wish they were long sleeves since it is easier to wear a jacket than it is to wear a vest but I love this vest regardless.

I will be featuring my clutch in the future, so don't be so sad I didn't talk more about it.

I hope you enjoyed my post, and photocreds for my photos go to Rachelle Song!

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