Get Your Class On

Are you ready to get your class on today?

This dress is kind of a new addition to my closet. This was only the second time wearing it, and I absolutely love it.

I ordered it from an online site, IDEEL [They used to go by the name of "IDEELI" but they have changed now to "IDEEL" instead.] and the company of the dress is "Mlle Gabrielle."

I love how this dress is kind of longer than the other dresses I own/wear but doesn't really feel that long.
It comes below my knees unlike most of my dresses, so it gives kind of a conservative look. However, it doesn't stay boring from looking conservative because of the back detail.

The criss-cross gives a flirty look, especially because it's showing some skin.
But because of the length of the dress, and the classy ribbon on the waist, and the nicely printed white dots all over the dress, the dress is quite a classy looking one.

I paired this dress with my current favorite heels from Calvin Klein that I purchased from Marshall. Although these shoes are without platforms, they are so comfortable to the feet and on good days, I can wear them all day without too much of a problem.

***Excuse my toenails for they need to be re-done.***

[These photos were taken next to my church on the street.]


These girls came running to me as they saw me taking photos, asking if this was where grace yourself happens. HAHA they're so cute.

Sooyeon, Sophie, Amy. <3

Sophie was featured recently on one of my blog posts. 

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