Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This is a modest girl of tans by the name of Esther Lee.
She is a senior at UCLA, and she is a smart girl with a huge heart.

Something was definitely up, because people that normally aren't so girly were wearing such girly clothes the day I photographed all of them.

She put together a simple gray v-neck from Forever 21 with a floral skirt from H&M.
The color scheme of the floral skirt gave a Spring feel, 
but this casual outfit worked for a hot summer day.

She wore these really simple, neutral sandals from Target.
Her flipflop tan is quite visible, but I'll take that one as a part of her fashion. HAHA

But most importantly, I loved the prints and the color scheme of her floral skirt.

Thank you Esther for allowing me to photograph and feature you!

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