FEATURING: Chelsea Pae

This is Chelsea Pae, a junior at USC.
As you can and will see, she is a super natural at this modeling business.
She was the photographer for one of my previous posts, Colors & Collars.
She is an amazing person, and most definitely one of my favorite people.

She was rocking a deep green, long sleeve crop top from H&M, along with a black high-waisted skirt from a random shop in Hongdae, Korea.
The only accessory she paired her outfit with, was a tiny diamond necklace from Tiffany & Co.

She matched up a pair of sandals from Urban Outfitters.
I always wish I can wear some of the more trendy sandals but always fail to find ones that I like on me because of my wide feet.
I also love how her sandals have two ankle straps instead of the usual one, which is actually a tough concept for people like me with short and thick legs.

I really liked her outfit because it was one of those outfits that I just don't really see myself pulling off very well, but it suited her so well.
I've actually seen her wear several high-waisted A line skirts, and they look really good on her.
When she adds a pair of pumps with them, her legs look sexy.
She was very cooperative with the photo shoot and I had a blast.
She was such a natural at this, that I had to post these photos.

I hope you enjoyed Chelsea's modeling as much as I did.

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