Monday, September 29, 2014

Butterfly Effect

Here I am, featuring my most featured model besides myself -- Jane Kim.
It's funny that these are actually not planned on.
She just keeps wearing clothes that I want to photograph, which then ends up on my blog.

She wore these cool looking shirt that was kind of a poncho style.
Because of the print and the colors of the print, it really reminded me of a butterfly.
She paired them up with white pants that weren't quite capris but not quite pants either from American Eagle, with simple black flats that are from Zara (These shoes were also featured in F is for Friends. Check it out!)

Shirt - Ibanat Surfer
Pants - American Eagle
Shoes - Zara

[These photos were taken next to church just on the streets.]

I just really loved this outfit because it was so bright that it felt like I was looking at light.
I wish I can pull off white pants.
Can you pull it off?

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