Friday, August 29, 2014

FEATURING: Jessica Jeon

This will be the first time doing a post on a "faceless model," but she insisted so here we go.
She's a friend of mine by the name of Jessica Jeon.
She is quite petite, but I always liked how she dressed herself.
Maybe she gets it from her mom, because her mom is also quite a fashionista.

Shirt - Zara

She paired up a loose-fit white tee that has just a block of print in the middle with a more popping (in color and design) type of a skirt. The skirt consists of colors like blue, red, white, and black(at least I think there's black in there...haha). Because the shirt is white and almost plain, it looks good with a skirt that is kind of visually crazy.

Skirt - Forever 21

bag - Michael Kors

I absolutely love her purse. I checked it out with my mother at the Michael Kors store at The Grove LA a while back, and we both really liked it but it was too out of our budget too just randomly buy it. I also love that chestnut sort of a brown color on almost about anything.

Shoes - Steve Madden

I love how the colors of the bag and the shoes match, although I don't know if it was intentional. It's such a nice neutral color to go with in almost any situation.

[These photos were taken next to my church on the street.]

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