Monday, June 16, 2014


 I was at a friend's graduation the other day and I really liked my friend Joyce's outfit.
She likes to dress in very simple and plain clothes and it's actually pretty tough to see her wear anything that has prints on it. She also doesn't wear skirts or dresses very often either, so it was quite a surprise.

This is my friend, Joyce Park.

-Simple white tank with big black letters
-Blue and white tone floral skirt
-Gray knit cardigan
-Black purse
-Black sandals
-Gold tone necklace

Her outfit for the day was a very simple yet fashionable with the flower print that's been a fad for a while. 

The black purse and the black sandals made a good subtle match.

It's the season for flowers and color in your outfit and in your wardrobe.
A shout out of thanks to Joyce for cooperating with me for this blog post :)

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  1. Nice! If you add close-ups of accessories and special details, and include what brands each item is and a link to it online, you will be legit!!! :D